VOSG.us is a global virtual on line community resource for Virtual Operations Support Teams (VOST).

What is a VOST?

A VOST is one way for emergency managers to help harness the power of social media for emergency management (SMEM). Virtual Operations Support Teams (VOST) as applied to emergency management and disaster recovery is an effort to make use of new communication technologies and social media tools so that a team of trusted agents (VOSTies) can lend support via the internet to those on-site who may otherwise be overwhelmed by the volume of data generated during a disaster. VOSTs are activated to perform specific functions in support of affected organizations & jurisdictions.

VOST History

VOST Questions answered

The VOSG.us site was originated by Joanna Lane in Spring 2011 to support VOST Osbourne’s proof of concept exercise at NEMA11 and is now established as the hub for the Vost Leadership Coalition (VLC), comprising a worldwide community of interest in collaborating on the VOST concept. As a central hub for VOST, the site offers information about VOST news, active teams,  training resources, mentoring and consulting in the US and internationally. The site is administered by Joanna Lane.

Update May 22, 2014:

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