Research Reports 2011 to May 2012

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TRIAL BY FIRE – 2011 Shadow Lake Fire, Oregon

In February 2012, Lisa Ann St. Denis, Leysia Palen, and Amanda Hughes of the University of Colorado’s Project EPIC released a research paper on VOST TEAM OSBOURNE’s activation to support the Oregon Shadow Lake Fire in 2011 for the National Incident Management Organization PIO, Kris Eriksen.


HURRICANE IRENE AAR – An analysis of the use of social media, crowd-sourcing and crisis mapping during Hurricane Irene 2011

Hurricane Irene: An analysis of the use of social media, crowdsourcing and crisis mapping during Hurricane Irene

Author: Cloutier, Patrice

  • Executive Summary: Event overview and general observations
  • Objectives
  • How social media, crowdsourcing and crisis mapping were used – by local/municipal agencies/entities –  at the state level – by the federal family – by NGOs and service agencies –  by digital volunteer communities and citizens – by legacy media and the private sector
  • How official agencies integrated social media based, crisis mapping and crowdsourcing initiatives in their efforts
  • Suggestions on how to better coordinate related activities at all levels
  • Open comment section
  • Conclusion

Full Report:

JOPLIN TORNADO – The Use of Social Media for Disaster Recovery

Lessons learned while creating and managing “Joplin Tornado Info” (2011) on Facebook and further implemented with “Branson Tornado Info” (2012)


Crisis Communications on Twitter in the 2011 South East Queensland Floods
Social media, including Facebook and Twitter, played an important role in crisis communication at the height of the 2011 South East Queensland floods crisis (10-16 January). This report examines the role of the short-messaging system Twitter in disseminating and sharing crisis information and updates from state and local authorities as well as everyday citizens. We assess the overall use of Twitter, as well as that of the most important emergency service account, the Queensland Police’s @QPSMedia account.


2011 SOCIAL MEDIA EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT CAMP – Transforming the Response Enterprise

Clarence Wardell III Yee San Su, September 2011
Full Report: