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Close to 100 people participated in a one hour Smemchat Special on Australian Bushfires last week, reaching 167,657 people with 632 posts. The majority of participants were from the United States and Australia, almost an even split at 49% and 47% respectively, with New Zealand, Canada, France and Germany making up the balance.  A new question posted to the tag every 5 minutes, plus follow up questions, with answers presenting themselves roughly 1 every 6 seconds throughout the hour.

Here’s how to catch up with what you missed:

Event Purpose, Goals and Objectives


This Storify by Nathan Hunerwadel is the complete* conversation in threaded format, and the easiest way to read the chat from start to finish if you missed it, or the stream was moving too fast. If you only have time to check one archive, this is the one to read.  If you’re only interested to know topics covered and questions asked, this Storify lists the 12 moderator questions, excluding follow up questions from participants.

Links and Resources

29 resources shared by Australia #Bushfires Emergency Managers and the #smem community on the #smemau chat



Data and analysis charts by Nathan Hunerwadel include the most active users, most followed users and participants by country. The last two slides are screen shots from the Tags Explorer, details below.

Below are raw data sheets from which the above charts were generated, which we are making available for research purposes. These are read only, so if you want an editable copy, you need to make your own copy.

Rowfeeder (conversation) for #smemau
Rowfeeder (parting) for #smemau
Rowfeeder (snapshot) for #smemau
Rowfeeder (volume) for #smemau

The following sheets exceed Gdoc upload limits at more than 4,000 rows. If you’d like a copy for research purposes, you need to request the xls file via the contact form here.

Rowfeeder (influencer) for #smemau
Rowfeeder (location) for #smemau
Rowfeeder (people) for #smemau


Created on Tue, 22 Jan 2013 by Cédric Morohttp://bit.ly/WUCE9S


@VOST1 interactions

@VOST1 interactions

This TagsExplorer by Cédric Moro represents interactions on the #smemau tag and is updating in real time here and shows top tweeters, top hashtags and top conversationalists. To see how you and others engaged during the chat, click the dot on your name in the tag cloud, then “Replay Tweets” in the Twitter ID summary.


If you have any additional resources or archives to add to these, please use the comment form below.



*RTs and off topic tweets excluded.

#smemau Running Order

G’day #smemchat ters. Here is #smemau participant info, topics, Q&A format. Event starts 5PM New York/9AM Sydney today.

Moderated chat is scheduled to last 60 minutes. Folks are welcome to carry on after the main event for as long as they wish and for those unable to be there for the live chat itself, contributions are welcome and encouraged in the hours and days following.


The hour is divided into 3 modules, with discussion consisting of approximately 20 minutes each on topics relevant to:

  1. Preparation
  2. Response
  3. Recovery

Goals and Objectives

Question Format:

There are 13 prepared questions. Answers can be given in real time or at a more convenient time.

Questions will be posted from the @VOST1 twitter account using the convention Q1, Q2 etc., with a new question scheduled to post automatically every 5 minutes.

Anticipate multiple conversations happening simultaneously.

Answer format:

Must be marked with A1, A2 etc., so participants  can match answers to questions accurately.

Your questions:

Follow up questions are welcome and encouraged. Please stay on topic and post during the relevant module.

Participant questions will be reposted and numbered by one of the facilitators as Q1.1, Q1.2 etc. to match to answers A.1.1, A1.2 etc.


Robert Dunne @Academy911
Joanna Lane @joannalane 
Joanne White @joannewhite
Moderator ID @VOST1


Noah Huttinger @NoahSCFN 


Cédric Moro @MORO_CEDRIC
Nathan Hunerwadel @SMEM911


TagsExplorer BETA test courtesy of Cédric Moro here: http://bit.ly/VlYTYx

There are a number of others being set up, including a Tweetdoc and Storify. Links will be posted here and on the usual tags after the event. Please anticipate some delay.