The Ugly Truth About Jim Cramer Net Worth & Salary

Jim Cramer Net Worth & Salary:- Jim Cramer is an American T.V. personality, best-selling writer, and Former hedge fund administrator with a net worth of 150 million dollars.

Jim Cramer is perhaps most well-known for hosting the CNBC show “Mad Money” and being Chairman and co-founder at As a result of his numerous roles with CNBC, Jim Cramer earns an annual payment of 5 million dollars. Jim Cramer also makes significant earnings from book royalties and advances.

Cramer managed his hedge fund, Cramer Berkowitz, from 1987 until 2001. At its peak, the fund was worth $450 million under control.

It earned an annual yield of around 24 percent. As of 2005, Cramer stated to BusinessWeek the value of his wealth was somewhere in the $50 to $100 million range.

Jim Cramer Net Worth

Jim Carmer Net Worth$180 MillionRoyalty Income$27 Million
CNBC Salary$2 MillionLiabilities & Loans$15 Million
Netflix Income$8 MillionInvestments$74 Million
Assets$110 Million  

During the dot-com boom, Cramer’s fortune was considerably higher due to his 15 percent share in In 1999, shortly after it went public, had a market value in the range of $1.7 billion. At that time, Cramer’s 15 percent stake was valued at 255 million. In 2005 after the dotcom’s collapse, the stake was valued at around $15 million.

The Ugly Truth About Jim Cramer Net Worth & Salary

Jim Cramer Net Worth Growth

Jim Cramer Net Worth in 2022$180 MillionJim Cramer Net Worth in 2019$139 Million
Jim Cramer Net Worth in 2021$166 MillionJim Cramer Net Worth in 2018$125 Million
Jim Cramer Net Worth in 2020$150 Million  

Role of Real Estate in Jim Cramer Net Worth

Real Estate earnings have a big role in Jim Cramer Net Worth. In 1999, Jim and Karen in 1999, Jim and Karen $2.375 million for 100+ years old house located on 1.33 acres of land in Summit, New Jersey.

In their divorce settlement, Jim offered the place $1 to Karen for $1. Karen sold the house in April 2019 for $3.675 million. In 2008, Jim bought $4.7 million for another residence in Summit, New Jersey. Jim also has a 65-acre estate in New Jersey.

Exclusive Facts about Jim Cramer Net Worth and Life

Zodiac SignVirgoWifeLisa Cadette Detwiler
Ex-WifeKaren BackfischFavorite ActorKevin Hart
Favorite ColorYellowPet nameLucky
Favorite SportTennisFavorite ActressParis Jackson
Favorite Holiday DestinationIcelandJim Cramer Net Worth$150 million

Jim Cramer Netflix Earnings

Netflix earnings have a big role in Jim Cramer Net Worth. Jim Cramer has entered into an agreement in partnership with Netflix for his popular T.V. shows and to help with writing scripts for a few forthcoming Netflix Originals.

In this agreement with Netflix, Jim Cramer’s already received $13 million and is set to get twice that amount over the next five years.

Jim Cramer Wealth Estimates

Jim Cramer’s fortune has been estimated to grow by 300 percent over five years. Jim Cramer has signed long-term contracts with famous companies such as Amazon and Netflix. This will provide him with huge earnings and wealth over the following years.

Jim Cramer’s Cars

Famous cars Lamborghini Aventdor, BMW X8, Bentley Bentayga, Mercedes Benz & Land rover Discovery aare also a part of Jim Cramer Net Worth. Jim Cramer has recently bought a Lamborghini Aventador costing $1 million. Jim Cramer also owns a Land Rover Discovery that cost $175,000. Other cars that Jim Cramer owns will be listed in the following.

  • Mercedes-Benz AMG GT
  • BMW X8
  • Bentley Bentayga

Jim Cramer House

Some part of Jim Cramer net worth is also included in the luxurious house. Jim Cramer lives in his 14,000-square-foot luxury residence in Downtown New York City. Jim Cramer bought his property at an estimated value of $16 million.

This house has seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms. Jim Cramer’s house is equipped with an Entertainment Room, two Swimming Pools, a Home Theater, and other facilities.

Jim Cramer Salary (CNBC)

A major part of Jim Cramer net worth comes from his CNBC salary.

Jim Cramer CNBC Salary in 2022$2 MillionJim Cramer CNBC Salary in 2019$850,000
Jim Cramer CNBC Salary in 2021$1 MillionJim Cramer CNBC Salary in 2018$800,000
Jim Cramer CNBC Salary in 2020$910,000  

Director of the hedge fund

Part of Jim Cramer net worth comes from his investments in hedge funds. As the manager of the hedge fund, Jim Cramer claimed to have achieved a “rate of return of 24% after all fees for 15 years” until Jim Cramer retired from the hedge fund in 2001.

In February 2000, when Jim Cramer claimed to have earned a return of 36, Jim Cramer contended that there were only ten stocks he would like to have and that they were being bought each day.

Jim Cramer claims that between 2002 and May 2009, the results of the “Action Alerts PLUS” charitable trust were higher than that of the S&P 500 Index and the Russell 2000 Index.

A study by Wharton researchers Jonathan Hartley and Matthew Olson discovered that during the period between August 2001 and March 2016, Jim Cramer’s charity trust was underperforming in comparison to the S&P 500 primarily as a consequence of its insufficient exposure to market returns during the years following the financial meltdown of 2008.

How did Jim Cramer build his net worth?

When Jim obtained admission to the New York Bar, he did not practice law. Jim began his career in finance at Goldman Sachs, leaving the firm to start his firm, Cramer & Co. Cramer was the head of his hedge fund between 1987 and 2001. The firm managed $450 million of assets under management during his time.

Cramer’s fund could earn the average rate of 24 percent, which is in line with Cramer declaring his wealth was somewhere in the $50-million to $100 million mark by 2005. The website he runs,, went public in the year 199 at the height of the dot-com bubble. The company would reach an investment of $1.7 billion following its IPO.

At the time of this valuation, Cramer’s stake in the company was valued at $225 million. But, the dotcom bubble burst, and Cramer’s worth plummeted because of the loss in the price of shares. The stake he holds within the firm is approximately $15 million.

Cramer was also Editor-at-Large at SmartMoney magazine. However, he faced controversy when a stock he advised his readers soared in price to $2 million, netting him the sum. This led to there were questions about Jim’s morality.

Cramer would eventually get jobs as a commentator for CNBC shows in the latter part of the 90s and into the early 2000s. He got a show, “Kudlow & Cramer”, in 2002. He then launched his present series, “Mad Money with Jim Cramer”, in 2005. The show is broadcast on CNBC.

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Jim Cramer’s Biography

Along with Jim Cramer Net Worth, people often want to know about every aspect related to his life, about which very little information is available on the website.

We have done a lot of research and categorized the life story of Jim Cramer with various points given below. After reading this, you do not need to go to any other website.

Early Life 

Along with Jim Cramer Net Worth, you must also get interesting information about his personal life. James J. Cramer, more popularly known as Jim Cramer, better known as Jim Cramer, was born in Wyndmoor (a suburb of Philadelphia), Pennsylvania, on February 10, 1955, to a Jewish family.

Her mother, Louise A. Cramer, was an artist, while his dad, Ken Cramer, was the founder of International Packaging Products. This business sold items such as wrapping boxes and papers to restaurants and retailers.

Career Beginnings

You must know not only about Jim Cramer Net Worth but also about his career beginnings. One of Cramer’s first jobs in the 1970s was to sell Coca-Cola and Ice cream at Veterans Stadium during Philadelphia Phillies baseball games. Cramer attended Springfield Township High School and then continued his studies at Harvard College, where he was an administration student. 

He graduated Magna Laude from Harvard in 1977, earning a Master of Arts degree. While at Harvard, he was involved with activities including The Harvard Crimson, serving as its president and editor-in-chief.

After graduating from college, Cramer got an entry-level job as a reporter for The Tallahassee Democrat publication in Tallahassee, Florida. It was also the case that Cramer was among the first reporters to report on those involved in the Ted Bundy murders at the time, as he only lived a few miles away. 

Then, he joined newspapers such as the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner and American Lawyer and even was a reporter for the governor of California, Jerry Brown. In the end, he went back to Harvard to pursue law school.

As a studying law and a stock market investor, he shopped the stock market and utilized the profits he earned by trading to pay the costs of attending law school.

Goldman Sachs

After graduating from Harvard Law in 1984, Cramer found himself employed as a stockbroker with Goldman Sachs. Even though he was admitted to New York State Bar Association in 1985, Cramer did not legally practice. Their legal license in New York was suspended in 2009 after he failed to pay the fee for registration.

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Cramer, Berkowitz & Co.

You must know not only about Jim Cramer Net Worth but also about his company. The year was 1987. Cramer was fired from Goldman Sachs to start his hedge fund, Cramer & Co. (later named Cramer, Berkowitz & Co.).

Cramer was able to collect $450m in five million increments and was paid an amount of 20 percent of the profits the fund generated. The first investors of his hedge fund included Steve Brill, Eliot Spitzer, and Martin Peretz. 

In 2001, he resigned from his hedge fund, and the fund was then taken from his previous partner Jeff Berkowitz. Cramer has stated that between 1988 and 2000, he experienced only one year with negative returns, in 1998. He claims that for 14 years, he earned an average annual return. However, some of his figures or claims were discredited.

Smart Money and

Other projects Cramer was involved in include SmartMoney magazine, for which Cramer worked as “editor at large”. While there, the magazine was slammed for illegal practices after he earned an income of $2 million by buying stocks before an article that contained his suggestions was published. 

In 1996, Cramer and Martin Peretz joined forces to create the Financial news and information website The website was shut down in 2019. was purchased by TheMaven in exchange for $16.5 million.

Guest on CNBC

Along with Jim Cramer Net Worth, you must about his CNBC Guest. In the latter half of the 90s, Cramer was often interviewed as a guest on CNBC. Ultimately, he landed the show he created, “Kudlow & Cramer”, which starred Larry Kudlow and aired from 2002 until.

He later moved on to the “Mad Money with Jim Cramer” series that began broadcasting on CNBC in 2005. The show gives viewers the tools and information needed to improve their investment skills. 

To fulfill the requirements to appear on the show, Cramer must declare his positions regarding the companies mentioned during the show. The host is also not permitted to make trades in any item he has discussed during the five days following the broadcast. The program “Mad Money” was a homage to the one-hour radio show he previously presented, “Jim Cramer’s Real Money”, which was canceled in December 2006.

Published Books

Along with Jim Cramer Net Worth, you must also get information about his published book. Cramer has also written and published several books. The books include “Confessions of a Street Addict” (2002), “You Are Screwed!

What Happened and Why Wall Street was a disaster and How You Can Make It Work” (2002), “Jim Cramer’s real money: investing in an insane world” (2005), “Jim Cramer’s Stay Mad For Life: Make It Rich and stay rich (Make Your Kids richer)” (2007), “Jim Cramer’s Return to the Even” (2009), “Jim Cramer’s Get Rich Taking Care” (2013).

Personal Life

Along with Jim Cramer Net Worth, you must also get interesting information about his personal life. Cramer was wed to Karen Backfisch from 1988 to the year 2009. They have two children. His second wedding is to Lisa Cadette Detwiler, a real estate agent, and general manager of The Longshoreman, a New York City restaurant The Longshoreman.

They got married in April 2015. The properties he manages include the DeBary Inn in Summit, New Jersey, which he bought alongside four investors in 2009, and The Bar San Miguel, a bar and restaurant situated in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, which he manages with his wife. 

The location he lives in Summit, New Jersey, and also owns private residences situated in Quogue, New York, located on Long Island, as well as a 65-acre estate located in the country in New Jersey. Cramer is an acknowledged long-time supporter of the Philadelphia Eagles NFL team. He has had season tickets for more than 20 years.

Jim Cramer’s Controversies involving Fox News

Along with Jim Cramer Net Worth, you must know about the controversies involving Fox News. The year 2000 was when Jim Cramer and resolved a dispute 2000 with Fox News Channel in which Fox had claimed that Cramer had not signed a contract to create a show for Fox.

Jim Cramer’s argument for Barack Obama

On March 2, 2009, Cramer stated that President Barack Obama was responsible for “the greatest wealth destruction I have seen by a president”. Taxes are being increased just before what could be a sequel to the Great Depression, destroying the profit margins of healthcare firms and tinkering with mortgage deduction at a time when U.S. house prices are declining and is at the root of much of the world’s gloom”.

Jim Cramer Net Worth Related FAQs

Who is Jim Cramer’s spouse?

Lisa Cadette Detwiler.

What is Jim Cramer’s height?

5’9″ (1.79 meters).

How old is Jim Cramer?

Jim Cramer Age is 67 yrs

Which is Jim Cramer’s annual salary?

Jim Cramer’s earnings are $2 million.

What is Jim Cramer net worth?

What is Jim Cramer net worth?

What is Jim Cramer’s salary in a year?

Jim Cramer earns over $30 million yearly from Salary and Royalty income.

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