Steve Bannon Net Worth



Steve Bannon is an American media executive and political consultant with a net worth of 20 million dollars.

Steve Bannon is best known for his role as the chief strategist for Donald Trump during the beginning of his Presidential term.

Previously, he served as the executive chairman of the extreme-right website Breitbart.                                      . 

He was a member of the executive board for the now-defunct analytics company that used data from Cambridge Analytica.

In 2020, Bannon was arrested and accused of conspiracy to be involved in mail fraud and laundering.                                      .

He was also charged the following year and was convicted of contempt by Congress for refusing to comply with a subpoena to look into the Jan. 6, 2021, attack at the US Capitol.

Bannon has produced and financed various films, including "The Undefeated," Fire From the Heartland: The Revival of the Conservative Woman," as well as "Occupy unmasked."

Bannon was the director in the role of acting for Biosphere 2 before his move to Hollywood and also executive produced Anthony Hopkins 1999 film "Titus."

A financial disclosure of Steve Bannon earned several hundred thousand dollars in 2016 while working as a consultant for diverse conservative media groups.

                                             The disclosure also revealed that his consulting company Bannon Strategic Advisors Inc, was valued at $5 between $25 million and $5 million .....

                                             .... and that he held personal bank accounts as high as $2.25 million and real estate rental properties valued at $10.5 million.

Most interestingly, in 1993, Bannon reached a deal to purchase the equivalent of one percent of revenue from the syndication of the television program "Seinfeld."

In 1995 Seinfeld was sold to syndication for the first time. Bannon's 1% equity stake in the following two decades plus could generate about $33 million in dividends.

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