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Faze Rug Net worth:-  Faze Rug is an American social media star with an estimated net worth of $4 million. He is most famous for his fame on YouTube. FaZe Rug, also known as Brian Awadis, aka Brian Rafat Awadis. His net worth was built up via brand collaboration and advertisements through his social media channels. He is known for his popular vlogs, challenges, pranks, and games on YouTube.

Also, he is known as co-owner of the renowned entertainment and esports organization FaZe Clan. He also runs the YouTube channel fathersonchaldean alongside his elder brother.

Faze Rug Net Worth & Highlights 

Faze Rug’s net worth as well as a brief description of the major aspects related to his life is as follows:-

Faze Rugh Net Worth: $4 Million (Sep 2022)
Full Name Brian Rafat Awadis
Age: 25
Born: November 19, 1996.San Diego, California, United States
Home Town San Diego, California, United States
Gender: Male
Faze Rug’s Height: 1.67 m (5 6 inches))
The Country from which the Origin is: United States of America 
Profession Professional Gamer/YouTuber
Education Qualification College Dropout
Last Update: Sep. 24,  2022,

Faze Rug was born in San Diego, California, in November of 1996. Faze Rug is the director for FaZe Clan. The YouTube channel he runs is self-titled and boasts greater than 15 million users, and the video “Cocaine Prank” has more than 10 million views. 

The channel is home to Call of Duty videos, vlogs, and pranks. Faze Rug’s actual identity is Brian Awadis and his parents come from Iraq. He has been in relationships with Molly Eskam and Baeeeeelyn. 

He is part of the Clout Gang which also features Faze Banks, Alissa Violet, Sommer Ray, RiceGum, and many more.


Along with Faze Rug Net Worth, you must also know about these few memorable moments of FaZe Rug’s professional career.

  • Faze Rug crossed the 13.7 million subscribers mark in the year 2019.
  • In 2015, a YouTube video of Faze Rug ‘Cocaine Prank’ became so viral on social media that it garnered 18 million views.

Early Life

Along with Faze Rug Net Worth, you must also know about his early life. Brian Awadis was born on November 19, 1996, in San Diego, California. His parents hailed originally from Iraq and emigrated to the United States to California.

They’re sometimes called “Mama Rug or “Papa Rug’. FaZe was raised with his sister Brandon in San Diego, like any normal student, and went to college after finishing his studies.

Faze Rug’s Career

Along with Faze Rug Net Worth, you must also know about his career beginnings. FaZe Rug gained a lot of attention after people began watching his videos about pranks being played on people. He’d always wanted to be fun and share his experience with others during his school days. He began making videos of his pranks, but only after he started uploading them to YouTube did he feel satisfied sharing them with the world.

As he put out increasingly more videos about topics like pranks, “call of duty” issues, and vlogs, the audience was eager to see more. He decided to leave college during his first year and started getting into the business of making videos.

His videos have become extremely popular because they appear real, as he employs many techniques and skills in making videos. He has over 2.30 million Twitter followers and 4 million Instagram followers. Twitter and over 4 million on Instagram.

The popularity of becoming a YouTube celebrity and making enormous sums of money in the early 20s has made Faze Rug an inspiring figure for anyone who wants to be successful in their lives. Other YouTubers particularly well-liked his pranks, and viewers love watching his pranks and getting away with his pranks. As of September 20, 2022, FaZe Rug net worth was $4 million.

Physical Appearance

FaZe Rug has an attractive and smart guy with a charming and stylish personality. He is formidable with beautiful dimensions and a rhomboid muscular body style.

Relationships, Family, and Girlfriends

Along with Faze Rug Net Worth, you must also know about his relationships, family, and girlfriends. FaZe Rug’s father’s title is Mr. Awadis, a businessman by profession. His Mother’s title is Mrs. Awadis, who is a housewife. Additionally, he has an older sibling. His twin brother’s name is Brandon Awadis, a YouTuber in the field.

FaZe Rug’s married status is that of an unmarried. He’s not in a relationship currently. However, there was an intimate relationship with Molly Eskam, also a YouTuber of the profession. He also dated Kaelyn for a short period.

Faze Rug and his girlfriend faze break up Story

Along with Faze Rug Net Worth, you must also know about his girlfriend’s break up story. In a video posted to Faze Rug’s channel on YouTube, the couple revealed their separation and explained their reasons for the split.

The two Faze Rug and Kaelyn verified that they had never had any dating sex and that their feelings toward each other had changed over time.

Faze Rug stated: “Kaelyn and I were in a relationship since 2016, but it was more of an off-and-on kind of relationship in the past. However, for the past few years, we’ve been dating. We went public about it on Valentine’s Day of 2020, and honestly, being in a public relationship can be extremely difficult.”

He then elaborated: “Many people like to speculate after break-up videos… to be honest, there was no cheating from both sides; Kaelyn and I are extremely loyal.”

Kaelyn has also expressed her opinion about the subject, saying: “A lot of the time when you have had a relationship for a long time, it doesn’t work out, and as sad as it is to say, there’s nothing you can do about it.”

3 Powerful Lessons Learn From FaZe Rug Life

You now know everything concerning FaZe Rug Net Worth or wealth and his methods to achieve it.  Along with being inspired by Faze Rug Net Worth, we should learn many things from his life. Let’s look at our lessons to take from FaZe Rug:

Do not accept negative words.

Many people avoid positive comments when they’re feeling down and even accept negative ones. Those people never get better.

Low Self-Esteem

People who display negativity usually suffer from low self-esteem. They are unhappy with themselves, and their negative attitude results from these feelings.

Be happy

Negativity is a craving for the dark shadow that hangs all around us. You can transform negativity by directing it towards the illumination in your heart.

Favorite Quotes From FaZe Rug 

Along with being inspired by Faze Rug Net Worth, we should learn many things from his favorite quotes. His favorite quotes are as under:- 

“I feel like I don’t say this enough, but I’m so grateful for you guys. The past few months have been a little rough for me but your support genuinely gets me through it. Couldn’t have asked for a better position to be in.”  

FaZe Rug

“Yo I legit made a song as a JOKE in like 2 hours and people are really messing with it to me it’s funny but hey I’m glad some of you like it. It’s called “Goin’ Live” by FaZe Rug if you wanna hear it on Apple Music or Spotify”

FaZe Rug

“I’ve been eating very unhealthy my whole LIFE. I just hired a personal trainer and I’ve never felt so motivated to change my lifestyle. Fitness & nutrition is #1 in life and I should’ve been preaching this earlier. This is a before, and I will update you throughout the journey.”

FaZe Rug

“So I have been planning this for a while, but I bought my dad a brand new Lamborghini. He didn’t want to accept it unless he and I shared it so I said yes just so he can take it.”  

FaZe Rug


FaZe Rug first came to the public’s attention when he posted his pranks on YouTube. His videos soon became popular, with his video entitled “Cocaine Prank” being watched by nearly 8.9 million people.

In September 2022, FaZe Rug’s net worth was estimated at $4 million. What do you think of FaZe Rug Net Worth?  If you have a different view about Faze Rug Net worth, then comment below.

Frequently Answered Questions

Many questions about Faze Rug Net Worth as well as major aspects of his life are frequently asked on Google or social media, which are as follows:-

What is FaZe Rug  Net Worth?

As on 24 September 2022 FaZe Rug net worth (estimated) is at $4 million.

What is the age of FaZe Rug?

FaZe Rug came into the world on November 19 year old, 1996. She is now aged 25.

How high is the FaZe Rug?

FaZe Rug’s width is 1.67 meters, equivalent to 5 feet 6 inches.

Youtuber Faze Rug Net Worth
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