Carrot Top Net Worth Revealed In 2022

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How much is Carrot Top net worth & Salary?

Carrot Top Net Worth:- Carrot Top is an American actor and comedian with an estimated income of around $70 million. He is well-known for using props during comedy, his self-deprecating humor, and his flashy red hair. He is among the most successful and well-paid comedians in Las Vegas. 

Since 2005, he has been a headliner in The Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas. In October 2019, he signed a contract extension that keeps him in Luxor until 2025. In 2025, he will hold the record for the longest-running comedian in MGM hotel history.

Carrot Top Net Worth & Life Overview

Carrot Top Net Worth $70 Million Birth name Scott Thompson
Born February 25, 1965 (age 57)Rockledge, Florida, U.S Profession Film, stand-up comedy, television
Years active 1985–present Genres Prop comedy, satire
Subject(s) American culture, self-deprecation Official Website Click Here


Carrot Top is one of the most well-paid entertainers on the planet in Las Vegas. He is on stage six nights a week and earns an average of $8 million yearly through his numerous ventures. The amount from his earnings also significantly contributes to Carrot Top Net Worth.

How did Carrot Top Obtain an estimated net worth of $70 Million?

Carrot Top’s principal source of revenue is comedy. Based on The New York Times, comedians can earn up to $15,000 for a half-hour special, which takes over an entire year to produce. Carrot Top’s contract with Luxor Hotel is extended by five years, which makes Carrot Top one of the longest-running comedians in the field. 

The extension implies the Carrot Top will be smiling throughout the bank since it is one of the highest-paying deals for comedians. Carrot Top has been the leading runner in this show in the Luxor Hotel for an impressive ten years.

The ticket sales for the numerous shows Carrot Top has headlined throughout his career have added to his fortune. In addition, as previously mentioned, Carrot Top has appeared in films such as Reno 911, Scrubs, Larry the Cable Guy’s Christmas Spectacular, George Lopez, Tugger Tugger: The Jeep 4×4 Who Wanted to Fly, and Chairman of the Board, to name some. 

Additionally, the comedian with ginger hair has been the spokesperson for advertisements for 1-800-CALL-ATT. All of these are a part of Carrot Top’s increasing fortune.

Early Life

Along with knowing about Carrot Top net worth, we also get inspired to learn from his hard struggles in his early life. His birth date was the 25th of February, 1965, as Scott Thompson in Rockledge, Florida. He was the youngest son of a NASA engineer. He attended Cocoa High School, where he played drums in marching and concert bands. 

He graduated in 1983. The name he was given for him was Carrot Top from an instructor at a local pool due to his striking red hair. After graduating from high education, Carrot Top earned a master’s degree in Marketing at Florida Atlantic University. He started his stand-up career in his first year, performing on open-mic nights.


The comedian later took on various jobs while he perfected his stand-up act. He became the most popular stand-up comedian in colleges throughout the United States; in 1993, he was the first person to be selected simultaneously as “Performer of the Year”, in addition to Comedian of Year from the National Association of Campus Activities. 

The success in the stand-up world led to appearances on television and in films, including in “Space Ghost Coast to Coast,” “Scrubs,” a regular role in the remake of “Hollywood Squares,” as well as a segment in the comedy film “The The Aristocrats”.

Carrot Top has also appeared on several special-event programs, including Larry the Cable Guy’s Christmas Spectacular, Gene Simmons: The Family Jewels, and Criss Angel Mindfreak. From 2008 on, Carrot Top has performed for 15 weeks in the Luxor Las Vegas, the location of his comedy idol George Carlin, in addition to numerous other television shows and comedy shows. 

From 1995 to 1999, Carrot Top was the continuity announcer on Cartoon Network, for which the actor produced and was a star. Carrot Top also produced and was a star on the show for mornings “Carrot Top’s AM Mayhem” from 1994 until 1996. The show aired in 2002. Carrot Top recorded a commentary track for “The Rules of Attraction.” In 2006, Carrot Top appeared on “Reno 911! “Reno 911!” scene “Weigel’s pregnant” is an angry version of himself who destroys the hotel room and steals an officer’s car.

2008 was the first time he served as the guest judge for “Last Comic Standing.” In January of 2010, He appeared on “Do not forget the lyrics! “He was a part of the well-known illusionists Penn & Teller in their search for the prize of a million dollars. Carrot Top has also appeared in the reality show “The Bad Girls Club.” He also starred in an episode of “CSI.” He has also been on “Family Guy” and “Holly’s World.” 

Carrot Top appeared alongside Toby Keith in the music video for Keith’s hit song “Red Solo Cup”, and he was also alongside Keith on stage when he performed the song to the audience as a part of Keith’s entourage at ACM Awards in 2011. ACM Awards. Carrot Top has been a recurring guest on late-night talk shows since the early ’90s. In 2016 Carrot Top appeared as a panelist on “@midnight.”

Carrot Top has appeared in various films, like “So I Married an Axe Killer,” Chairman of the Board,” “Dennis the Menace Strikes Again,” Pauly Shore is Dead” “Swearnet A: The Movie”, as well as “And Sharknado the 4th The Awakening.” In 2018, he began performing in the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas and at various comedy events in between shows. 

His routine still includes hundreds of props housed in massive trunks placed on the stage. Carrot Top’s prop jokes typically take a prop out, describe it with a one-liner, and then throw the item away.

Carrot Top won an American Comedy Award for Funniest Male Stand-Up Comedian in 1994. Carrot Top was nominated to win the Razzie Award the following year for Worst New Star in the category of “Chairman of the Board.” The amount from his acting career also significantly contributes to Carrot Top Net Worth.

Carrot Top

Personal Life

Carrot top does not reveal any details of his private life to the general public. However, he was in a relationship for a long time with Amanda Hogan for an undisclosed length of time. Some part of Carrot Top net worth has also been spent fulfilling his passion and personal life.

Carrot Top Career Highlights

There are some special moments in the life and career of any celebrity/personality; similarly, some of the most memorable moments of Carrot Top’s career are as follows: 

  • Dennis the Menace Strikes Again (Movie 1998)
  • Smiley Face (Movie, 2007)

3 Powerful Lessons From Carrot Top

Carrot Top Net worth is the basis of motivation for people, but along with his net worth, we also get some other important lessons from his life. Now, you know about Carrot Top net worth and how he has achieved this success. The following lessons can be learned from his life-

Be Simple

He believes in staying simple. Bring yourself all the changes you want to see in the world.

Work With Care And Care.

If you are doing something worthwhile, doing it with care and attention is essential. The work you deserve to do should be done with full care and caution. You may get more satisfaction by doing things systematically and focusing on the details. Because as opposed to rushing through them to finish more work.

You cannot propagate change.

If you want to make a difference, bring clarity to your statements and encourage others to take action. If you do this, you will see a lot of difference between you and Oro.

Favorite Quotes from Carrot Top 

Carrot Top net worth, life, career, etc., is the basis of motivation for every person, but apart from these, there are some favorite quotes of Carrot Top which can become a source of inspiration for you. Therefore, you must also know about his favorite quotes and Carrot Top net worth. Some of my favorite quotes from Carrot Top are as follows:-

“I think it’s because I do something different and have some success with it. That bothers a lot of people, especially comics.” 

Carrot Top

“I think the more you do this and the more comfortable you become on stage, you start speaking more and becoming more of a character.” 

Carrot Top

“We must strive to move forward in life by acknowledging the forces that are trusted upon ourselves utilizing fear, and relinquishing them by our ways of hope.” 

Carrot Top

“On the weekends, I would go down and play these clubs in Key West or West Palm Beach or surrounding areas of Florida, and then I’d go back to school for the week.” 

Carrot Top

“Almost every day, someone asks if I ever flat iron my hair. I say, ‘No, because I’m afraid it wouldn’t look good and wouldn’t come back curly.'” 

Carrot Top

“I think it’s important for me, my crew, and the audience to bring something new to each show. I have friends who have done the same act, word for word, for 20 years.”

Carrot Top

Final Comments on Carrot Top Net Worth

Carrot Top has not just performed well in his craft but also has become a top stand-up comedian in the field.

Every one of his performances has the distinctive style of using flashy equipment that is so well-crafted that audiences take only a few minutes to burst into tears of laughter.

From the age of a child, Top discovered his skills as a stand-up comic. His first performance on stage occurred during his first year of high school.

In September 2022, the net worth of Carrot Top was estimated at around $70 million.

This post contains information about Carrot Top Net Worth and aspects of his life from various websites, magazines, social platforms, and media reports. What do you think of Carrot Top net worth? If your opinion about Carrot Top Net Worth differs from ours, please leave your comment in the below comment box.

Frequently Asked Questions

People have often asked the following questions on Google about Carrot Top Net Worth and aspects of her life.

How much is Carrot Top Net worth?

The net worth of Carrot Top is believed to be $70 million.

How old is Carrot Top?? 

Carrot Top’s birthday was on the 25th of February, 1965; she is now 57. Young.

How tall is Carrot Top?? 

Carrot Top’s height stands at 1.78 millimeters, equivalent to 5 feet 10 inches.

Where is Carrot Top from?

Rockledge, Florida, United States- Rockledge is the city with the most extended history located in Brevard County, Florida. The city’s population was 24,926 at the 2010 United States Census and is part of the Palm Bay-Melbourne-Titusville Metropolitan Statistical Area.

How much is the carrot tops contract?

Carrot Top is one of the top entertainers paid for within Las Vegas. Carrot Top performs six nights per week and earns around $8 million yearly through his numerous ventures.

Who is Scott Thompson married to?

The couple was united in marriage to Leilani Baker on the 27th of January 1990. Their union resulted in two children: Thane Jaden and Thane. Jaden. After the couple divorced, he and Leilani divorced; the couple was wed to Maria Baker on the 17th of June in 2007.

What is Carrot Top’s real name?

Nowadays, Carrot Top, whose real name is Scott Thompson, receives little interest from critics, talk-show bookers, or Netflix executive directors despite being the longest-running stand-up show in the United States. The comedian has played sold-out venues in the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas for the past 13 years and has competed with Criss Angel.

Does Carrot Top still do shows?

The stage show is now reaching rock n roll dimensions, utilizing fog machines, music, and other effects for the stage. At the center of the live show remain Carrot Top’s off-the-wall personality, ripped-from-the-headlines subject matter, and witty, laughter-inducing props.

When did Carrot Top get famous?

In the 1990s, Carrot Top, whose real name was Scott Thompson, transformed the world of stand-up comedy. He eventually transitioned into TV in his first appearance on The Tonight Show in 1992.

Carrot Top Net Worth Revealed In 2022
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