Out the Best Facials in New York

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As the New Year unfolds, a resolution to embrace "less is more" resonates not only in life but particularly in skincare. Taking inspiration from trendsetter Hailey Bieber, renowned for her coveted "glazed donut skin," the pursuit of radiant, minimalistic beauty has become a personal journey.

Delving into the realm of skincare, my quest for the finest facials in the vibrant city of New York has become a passion, driven by the desire to reveal the natural beauty that lies beneath.

Influenced by the confidence instilled by minimal makeup, I've found that true radiance emerges when the skin is treated with care and precision. The post-facial glow, accentuated by carefully selected skincare products, imparts a fresh and dewy allure that not only makes me feel my best but also enhances the overall health and appearance of my skin.

For those unfamiliar with the wonders of facials, the question often arises: where does one begin, and are these treatments truly necessary?

Research has shown that facials go beyond mere indulgence; they actively reduce fine lines, address age spots, and alleviate dehydrated skin. Embracing exfoliation, massage techniques, and the infusion of vital nutrients and antioxidants, facials emerge as a powerful tool in the ongoing battle against aging.

Embarking on a mission to uncover the crème de la crème of facials in the bustling metropolis of New York, I've discovered that each facial serves a unique purpose. Whether it's the anticipation of a pre-event glow or the deep cleansing your skin craves, rest assured that I have navigated the intricate landscape of skincare to guide you towards a personalized regimen that aligns seamlessly with your skin's needs.

Join us on this beauty odyssey as we explore the diverse and specialized world of facials in the city that never sleeps. Your path to glowing, revitalized skin begins here.


Let's delve into the enchanting realm of skincare perfection with a spotlight on @stallestudios, a charming facial studio nestled in the heart of Soho. Helmed by the talented @elizabethgracehand, a former top facialist at Barbara Sturm, Ställe Studios exudes sophistication and expertise in the world of advanced skincare. Elizabeth's distinguished role on the curation committee at Violet Grey underscores her profound understanding of skincare, a knowledge that seamlessly translates into her exceptional facial treatments.


Renowned for her seemingly ageless skin, Elizabeth specializes in crafting bespoke facials tailored to diverse skin types. Ställe Studios emerges as a haven for skincare enthusiasts seeking a personalized touch. Elizabeth's repertoire in skincare is expansive, making each visit an opportunity to experience a treatment that perfectly aligns with your unique needs.

The true gem of Ställe Studios lies in its ability to provide pre-event facials, a preparation ritual for those anticipating significant moments such as weddings, parties, or red carpet appearances.

Elizabeth's mastery extends beyond the application of exceptional products; it encompasses a variety of modalities, ensuring a comprehensive and tailored approach for each individual. The magic lies in the customization, from the specific cleanser chosen for your treatment to the varied routines that adapt to your skin's evolving needs.

Ställe Studios, under Elizabeth's expert guidance, becomes a sanctuary where skincare is an art form, and each facial is a masterpiece.

One cannot overlook Elizabeth's prowess in the realm of facial massage. With unparalleled skill, she contours the skin, especially highlighting the cheekbones, leaving you with a picture-perfect glow. As a testament to her commitment to excellence, Ställe Studios offers an array of premium skincare brands, with a special mention to Furtuna Skin. Personal endorsement stems from my newfound obsession with Furtuna Skin, discovered through my visits to Elizabeth's spa.

Excitingly, Elizabeth's vision extends beyond Soho, as she plans to open another studio in the vibrant neighborhood of NoLIta, NY – a testament to the studio's undeniable success. Ställe Studios is more than a skincare destination; it is a celebration of individual beauty, a journey towards radiant and rejuvenated skin.

Experience the epitome of skincare luxury and indulge in the excellence that is Ställe Studios. And remember, if you embark on this beauty adventure, don't forget to snag the coveted blue balm from Furtuna Skin at checkout – a true skincare treasure awaits.

Derma Glow by Beata

Welcome to our luxurious beauty salon, where we pride ourselves on offering a curated selection of advanced skincare treatments designed to enhance your natural beauty and provide a rejuvenating experience.

Our expertly trained professionals are dedicated to delivering exceptional results, utilizing cutting-edge techniques and state-of-the-art technology.

Official website: https://faciallaserhairbybeata.com/

Indulge yourself in a world of beauty and relaxation with our diverse range of services, each tailored to address specific skincare concerns and promote overall well-being.

  1. Carbon Laser Facial
    Experience the transformative power of our Carbon Laser Facial, a non-invasive treatment that utilizes the latest laser technology to target imperfections and promote collagen production. This innovative procedure is designed to minimize pores, reduce fine lines, and leave your skin radiant and refreshed. The activated carbon penetrates deep into the pores, absorbing impurities, while the laser energy stimulates collagen for a firmer and more youthful complexion.

  2. Oxygen Infusion
    Revitalize your skin with our Oxygen Infusion therapy, a treatment designed to replenish and nourish your skin at the cellular level. A burst of pure oxygen is infused with potent serums to hydrate, plump, and rejuvenate your skin. This luxurious treatment enhances skin elasticity, promotes cell turnover, and leaves you with a radiant and luminous glow.

  3. BioRePeel
    Unveil smoother, brighter skin with our BioRePeel treatment, a non-invasive exfoliation method that combines the power of enzymes and acids. This innovative procedure gently removes dead skin cells, promoting collagen synthesis and improving skin texture. Say goodbye to dullness and hello to a renewed, youthful complexion.

  4. BBGlow
    Achieve a flawless complexion with our BBGlow treatment, a semi-permanent foundation that enhances your skin's natural beauty. This procedure combines microneedling with specialized serums to even out skin tone, reduce fine lines, and provide a radiant, airbrushed finish. Enjoy the benefits of a subtle, long-lasting glow without the need for daily makeup application.

  5. Micro-needling
    Stimulate collagen production and rejuvenate your skin with our Micro-needling treatment. Tiny, controlled micro-injuries trigger the body's natural healing process, leading to improved skin texture, reduced wrinkles, and increased firmness. This procedure is effective for addressing acne scars, fine lines, and overall skin revitalization.

  6. Nano-needling
    Experience the next level of skin rejuvenation with Nano-needling, a non-invasive treatment that utilizes microscopic needles to deliver potent serums directly into the skin. This gentle procedure improves the absorption of active ingredients, resulting in enhanced hydration, reduced pigmentation, and a smoother complexion.

  7. Detox Facial
    Pamper your skin with our Detox Facial, a comprehensive treatment that rids the skin of impurities and toxins. A combination of deep cleansing, exfoliation, and nourishing masks helps to promote a clear complexion, reduce inflammation, and restore balance to your skin. Unwind and let go of stress as you emerge with a refreshed and revitalized appearance.

  8. Laser Hair Removal
    Say goodbye to unwanted hair with our state-of-the-art Laser Hair Removal services. Our trained professionals use advanced laser technology to target hair follicles, preventing regrowth and leaving your skin smooth and hair-free. Experience long-lasting results and the convenience of a hair-free lifestyle.

  9. Tattoo Removal
    Embark on a journey to remove unwanted tattoos with our safe and effective Tattoo Removal services. Our laser technology breaks down tattoo pigments, allowing your body to naturally eliminate them. Whether you're looking for complete removal or lightening for a cover-up, our skilled technicians will guide you through the process with care.

  10. Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber
    Reveal your skin's true radiance with our Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber treatment. This non-invasive exfoliation method utilizes ultrasonic vibrations to gently remove dead skin cells and debris, promoting a clearer complexion. The result is a smoother, more refined skin texture and improved absorption of skincare products.

Derma Glow by Beata

At our beauty salon, we are committed to providing personalized and results-driven skincare solutions. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to ensuring your comfort and satisfaction throughout every step of your beauty journey. Step into a world of indulgence and discover the transformative power of our advanced beauty services. Elevate your beauty experience with us and rediscover the radiance within.


Discover the best-kept secret that, unless you're in the know, remains hidden—the exclusive OG European facial at Mario Badescu in NYC. Nestled on East 52nd, this spa has become one of my cherished haunts. Unlike the exorbitant facials scattered across NYC, Mario Badescu's signature treatment is a steal at just $65 for a rejuvenating 60-minute deep-cleansing session.

This facial goes beyond the ordinary, offering thorough extractions that truly banish pesky pimples. To enhance the experience, a gentle neck and face massage are included—because who doesn't appreciate an extra touch of relaxation? Dive into Vivian Tu's firsthand account of the MB facial and join the legion of patrons who make it a monthly ritual, drawn not only by its efficacy but also its affordability.

Even the age-defying Martha Stewart, a venerable 81-year-old, swears by the transformative power of Mario Badescu's facial. As an added perk, the spa generously provides samples tailored to address your skin's unique needs post-treatment. Among their standout products, I personally vouch for the in-house crafted Vitamin C cream. This formulation, expertly concocted by a skilled chemist, imparts a dewy, hydrated, and radiant complexion that is simply irresistible. Unveil your skin's potential with Mario Badescu's rejuvenating touch—where luxury meets affordability.



Embark on a journey into the realm of mushroom fascination with the extraordinary GRŌ GLOW FACIAL at House of Grō, nestled within the exclusive Casa Cipriani members club in lower Manhattan. Contrary to the norm, you don't need membership credentials to indulge in this unique spa experience. At the heart of this brand is a rich family legacy, with siblings Irina and Sam, the founders, attributing their great-grandmother "Bivi" for shaping the brand's ethos and formulations.

Bivi, the matriarch of House of Grō, championed the Chaga mushroom as a traditional remedy for skin health, laying the foundation for the brand's star ingredient. The GRŌ GLOW FACIAL sets itself apart with a distinctive approach, blending hemp, plant-based oils, and the ancient potency of the rare Chaga mushroom. The result? Skin that exudes a radiant glow and positive energy, making it a standout among my facial experiences.

The House of Grō also boasts a stellar skincare line, with the EYE DETOX – BRIGHTENING OIL stealing the spotlight in my beauty routine. This product, gifted with the facial, is a game-changer for addressing dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. For an added touch of luxury, seek out the expertise of head esthetician Samantha, renowned for her skills. Delve into the innovative Buccal Face Massage or 'Internal Contouring,' a facial technique that sculpts cheekbones to perfection.

Here's a pro tip: Store the EYE DETOX – BRIGHTENING OIL in your refrigerator and generously apply the applicator beneath your eyes for a few minutes on each side. The results are nothing short of remarkable! Even the discerning guests at Casa Cip hotels have caught wind of this beauty hack, with mini eye detox bottles now gracing all the mini fridges—an effortlessly chic touch to elevate your skincare routine.



Claiming the coveted fourth spot on my skincare favorites is none other than Dr. Dennis Gross Dermatology. To say I'm enamored with everything Dr. Gross would be an understatement—he not only serves as my trusted medical dermatologist in NYC but also presides over a Med Spa that offers a spectrum of rejuvenating options. When my skin yearns for a post-sun refresh or a pick-me-up from fatigue, I make a beeline to his office for a subtly invigorating chemical peel.

Navigating the array of peels and facials can be a personalized journey, and I highly recommend a consult at Dr. Gross's office to pinpoint the perfect treatment for your skin's unique needs. The expertise offered is unparalleled, ensuring you receive tailored advice for optimal results.

Beyond his clinic, Dr. Gross has unleashed an INCREDIBLE line of products that have gained global acclaim. One product that has become my holy grail is his deep dewy cream—it's the clandestine key to my daily radiant glow. The transformative power of Dr. Gross's formulations extends far and wide, providing a touch of dermatological luxury accessible to skincare enthusiasts worldwide. Experience the radiance with Dr. Dennis Gross, where science meets skincare perfection.


Earning a well-deserved spot on my list of top facials in Manhattan is none other than the renowned Dr. Barbara Sturm. For those unacquainted with Barbara, she is the brilliant mind and radiant face behind the eponymous brand. Her flawless skin serves as a testament to the efficacy of her products, instilling trust in every skincare enthusiast. Adding to the charm is Barbara's daughter, Charly, a spitting image of her mother and an integral part of the family business. The duo, a perfect blend of brains and beauty, seems poised to conquer the skincare industry.

Venturing into the heart of Soho on Mercer Street or embracing the Upper East Side allure on Madison Ave, you'll find the exclusive Barbara Sturm spas. Beyond the allure of their exceptional products, these spas offer a haven to indulge in the iconic STURMGLOW facial.

The experience leaves you with a dewy and revitalized complexion, adorned with the signature BS Glow that has become synonymous with Barbara Sturm's skincare magic.

As you reluctantly bid adieu at checkout, the gravitational pull of their products becomes irresistible. Two favorites that have seamlessly integrated into my daily routine are the signature glow drops and the face mask—absolute must-haves for elevating your skincare regimen. Join the ranks of those who have succumbed to the allure of Barbara Sturm's transformative touch, where beauty meets science in perfect harmony.


Securing the esteemed sixth position on my skincare favorites list is JTAV Clinical Skincare, the brainchild of the talented Joie Tavernise. This spa is a haven of comprehensive services, ranging from rejuvenating facials to cutting-edge treatments like laser hair removal and lymphatic drainage. My personal rendezvous with JTAV occurred in early September, a post-summer retreat after extensive sun exposure. Joie and her adept team crafted a bespoke facial tailored to my specific needs.

The pampering journey commenced with dermaplaning, a personal obsession of mine, aiming to eliminate dead skin cells and peach fuzz, creating an optimal canvas for product absorption. Following this was the HydraFacial, a true hydration boost with meticulous extractions to decongest pores. Laser Genesis took center stage, stimulating collagen production while addressing sun damage and uneven texture. The grand finale featured the application of JTAV's Brighten and Firm serum, a concoction rich in Vitamins C and E, leaving my skin aglow with radiance.

For those eager to partake in the JTAV experience, I highly recommend asking for the "chbickley" facial or customizing your own routine with the expert guidance of their estheticians.

Here's a pro tip: Elevate your visit by indulging in the artistry of Sabrias Brows, conveniently located at JTAV. Whether pre or post-treatment, entrust your brows to the skilled hands of the only person I permit to touch mine. JTAV offers a holistic skincare haven, where expertise and personalized care converge for a truly transformative experience.


Closing the list with a flourish is Clinique des Champs Elysées New York, a heralded European clinic that has now set its roots in the heart of Manhattan. Renowned as the numero uno clinic in Europe, Clinique des Champs Elysées New York brings forth the epitome of excellence in cosmetic treatments, showcasing the latest innovations for skin, face, and body.

Nestled in the vibrant pulse of Manhattan, Clinique des Champs Elysées New York stands as a beacon of sophistication, offering a plethora of services outlined on their comprehensive website. My personal journey led me to the med spa, where I was eager to experience their renowned hydrafacial. The process began with a consultation with Dr. Nikolas, adding a touch of exclusivity that resonated with the high-end ambiance of the clinic. Dr. Nikolas provided a brief evaluation of my skin needs, emphasizing the significance of addressing the residue left by daily exposure to NYC air pollution and makeup, even with diligent cleansing.

Enter the famed Hydrafacial—a simple yet highly efficient method to illuminate your complexion. Driven by a patented technology, this treatment cleanses, extracts, and hydrates the skin in a single session. The infusion of super serums, brimming with nourishing ingredients, elevates the experience, ensuring an instantly bright and luminous complexion in just three transformative steps.

For those seeking a touch of European elegance and cutting-edge skincare, Clinique des Champs Elysées New York emerges as a sanctuary of refinement and innovation, offering a radiant and glowy complexion that lingers long after the treatment concludes.

Out the Best Facials in New York
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