Press Release: #VOST Panama attends SINAPROC Meeting (English)


PANAMÁ, September 11, 2014

The National System of Civil Protection of Panamá (Sistema Nacional de Protección Civil – SINAPROC) held a working meeting with the aim of unifying criteria for the management of an emergency, reducing response time and optimizing resources.

Attending this meeting were VOST Panamá, who are a team of digital volunteers for national emergencies. They manage information through social networks, such as public support, where verified information is then channeled through to the emergency response services.

The Director General of SINAPROC, Jose Donderis, spoke about the creation of a new platform for emergency management whose participants would be Governmental and Non-Governmental organizations, the Panamanian Red Cross, volunteers, as well as other organizations. Donderis added that social networking would be integrated in this National Monitoring Center for communications between the public and response agencies, thus reducing the time between the incident and the response to it. The center would be operational 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Furthermore, the VOST Panamá group was asked to participate, given the volume of information it handles nationally, seeking synergy between SINAPROC managers and team members in order to:

  • unify criteria
  • hear proposals for more effective information channels
  • avoid duplication
  • eliminate malicious rumors or chains

Other points discussed were the possibility of joint workshops and seminars, interaction between other Community Managers (CM) with emergency management programs, available premises to be used as needed and a database to manage the IDs of participating teams.

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English Translation by Nicola Ball

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Press Release: #VOST Panama Participa de Reunión de Trabajo en SINAPROC (Español)


PANAMÁ, 11 de septiembre de 2014

Con la finalidad de unificar criterios en cuanto al manejo de una emergencia, reducir tiempo de respuesta y optimizar recursos, el Sistema Nacional de Protección Civil (SINAPROC) llevó a cabo una reunión de trabajo.

En esta convocatoria participaron integrantes del grupo VOST Panamá, quienes son un equipo de voluntarios digitales de emergencias a nivel nacional, los mismos gestionan información a través de redes sociales, como apoyo ciudadano, donde luego de verificarse se canaliza hacia los servicios de respuesta a emergencias.

El Director General del SINAPROC, José Donderis, expuso sobre la creación de una nueva plataforma para la gestión de emergencias que se desea implementar en la cual participarán los Componentes Gubernamentales, Organizaciones No Gubernamentales, Cruz Roja Panameña, voluntariado entre otros.

Donderis agregó que en este Centro de Monitoreo Nacional, se estará integrando la parte de redes sociales, como ente de enlace entre los ciudadanos y los organismos de respuesta, reduciendo así el tiempo entre el incidente y la atención al mismo, todo esto bajo un servicio 24 horas los 7 días a la semana.

Igualmente se solicitó la participación del grupo Vost, dado el volumen de información que maneja a nivel nacional, buscando una sinergia entre los directivos del SINAPROC y los integrantes del grupo, con miras a unificar criterios y escuchar propuestas para hacer más efectivos los canales de información, evitar la duplicidad, desarticular rumores o cadenas maliciosas.

También se planteó la posibilidad de gestionar diversos tipos de talleres y seminarios conjuntos, una interacción entre los otros CM que llevan programas de manejo de emergencias, contar con locales los cuales estarían disponibles para cuando sea necesario, igualmente con una base de datos para gestionar los gafetes que serán utilizados por el personal que sea convocado.

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VOST Panama News

HEAD VOSTpaAfter four and a half months of training, Panama VOST, the Equipos de Voluntarios Virtuales Panama, has reached satisfactory goals for all of us in this group.

Rapid growth has taken place in Panama, both urban development and population, resulting in an increase in emergencies. This has driven the need to use other, less conventional means to liaise between the site of the emergency, the user or restigo and systems answer, in order to shorten the time to respond.

To date more than 48 volunteers are involved in coordinating, reporting, monitoring and dissemination of information, basically aimed at emergency issues, disaster prevention and risk across the country. Virtual Operations Support Team members are monitoring large scale international events simultaneously, virtually 24 hours, 7 days a week.

The group is made up of professionals from different specialties, amongst which are:

  • architects
  • doctors
  • industrial engineers
  • paramedics
  • journalists
  • risk specialists
  • administrators
  • meteorologists
  • systems specialists

VOST Panama also includes social networking NGO volunteer staff from the Fire Department of Panama, the Panamanian Red Cross and senior management of the National System of Protection Civil and ADD 911. Additionally, VOST Panama is coordinating with the Logistic Officer for the International Federation of Red Cross in Panama and Community Manager of the local Red Cross sharing their virtual conference room for crisis management and remote meetings.

Monitoring Activities

URL Live Map Link:


Emergencies that VOST Panama has supported include:

  • Monitoring of flooded areas in the metropolitan area and provinces of the country.
  • Monitoring and tracking of traffic accidents, channeling aid required for emergency services.
  • Pacific Tsunami warning: Monitoring and following earthquake in Chile generated tsunami warning for the Pacific, where the population focused on this case and rumors were fought.
  • Severe Weather: Daily monitoring of the meteorological state in the country. Amplifying early warnings.
  • Coordination of air transportation of patients from distant points requiring medical attention in the capital of the country.
  • Support for Emergency Operations Center during Carnival and Easter events, which take place over several days of national holidays, with people moving to different parts of the country.
  • Presidential elections: Monitoring emergency situations during the month of May 2014
  • Water pollution crisis: Sourced in the region of Azuero, 11 day operation monitoring and disseminating official information of response actions to this crisis.
  • Wildlife Authorities: Monitoring and coordinating information about turtles, lizards and other wildlife on roads and homes with the national environmental authority to undertake the relocation of these animals.
  • Association of Disappeared Panama Cooperation Agreement Established to assist in the dissemination of alert messaging and information about missing persons throughout the country.
  • Collaboration with the Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO in the dissemination of informational Tsunami alerts in our region.

VOST Panama is currently working on the regionalization of teams, initially in 3 provinces, in addition to the capital.

For more information about VOST Panama, follow the team Twitter: @VOSTPanama and website:

By Juan Magaña

Translation support by Joanna Lane

July 25, 2014