Jenna Jameson Net Worth & Biography

Jenna Jameson Net Worth:

Jenna Jameson Net Worth:$5 Million
Birthday Date:April 9 Apr 9, 1994 (48 year old)
Height:5 feet 6 inches (1.7 m)
Profession:Actor in pornographic films, Entrepreneur, Film producer, Film Director Nude Glamour, Model Screenwriter Stripper
Nationality:United States of America

How much is Jenna Jameson net Worth, and what is her annual salary?

Jenna Jameson is a retired adult film actor and businesswoman with an estimated total net worth of 5 million dollars. Jenna Jameson earned her net worth from her work as an adult film actress. She co-founded an adult business named ClubJenna. She created ClubJenna in the year 2000 with her husband, at the time Jay Grdina.

The company began by offering diary entries, relationship advice, and advice on stocks and stocks, along with pictures and videos. It then grew into a multi-media adult web empire that sold merchandise and adult-oriented films featuring Jenna and other adult actors and actresses. Jenna’s most notable performances have been with other women. However, she has also done some with males. Jenna has also directed films, including “Jenna’s Provocateur.”


Here are a few of the top highlights from Jenna Jameson’s professional career:

  • The X-Rated Critics Organization XRCO (1995)
  • Hot D’Or Best New American Starlet (1996)

Early Life

Jenna Jameson was born Jenna Marie Massoli on April 9, 1974, in Las Vegas, Nevada. The mother of Jenna Jameson (a Las Vegas Showgirl) died from melanoma when Jenna was just a little girl. Her family relocated to Arizona as well as Montana.

She lived with her grandmother and often participated in beauty contests when she was young. She also attended ballet classes throughout her early years. Jameson began using drugs in high school and was hooked for four years of using hard drugs.

She graduated from Bonanza High School and worked briefly at Disneyland Resort. Jameson was hired as a dance instructor at The Crazy Horse Too strip club and earned $2000 a night in only six months. At the start of her dance career, she was known as Jennasis. In 1991, she started modeling naked for photos to get into Penthouse.

Film Career

Jameson made her debut in a sexually explicit film in 1993, a non-explicit, soft-core movie produced by Andrew Blake. Jameson quickly gained notice and began appearing in various adult films filmed in the Las Vegas area.

She conquered her addiction to drugs by staying some time at home with her father as well as grandmother. Then, she moved to Los Angeles and lived with another adult actress Nikki Tyler, with whom she was also in a relationship. Jenna was offered an exclusive deal to Wicked Pictures, a small production company for adult films, in 1995.

The contract paid Jenna $6,000 per one of the eight films in her debut year. “Big Blue” from 1995 “Big Blue” was her first major-budget production. Both the film and Jameson received numerous prizes from the three main industries.

By 2001, Jenna was earning $60,000 per day and a half filming. She also paid $8,000 per night at her part-time job at the Strip club. The year 2008 was the time that Jenna was able to quit her adult film.

Club Jenna

In 2000, Jenna and her boyfriend-at-the-time (soon-to-be husband) Jay Grdina co-founded ClubJenna, an internet adult company. It was among the first to offer not just images, videos, blogs, relationship advice, and general advice. The initial ClubJenna films included Jenna herself, but by 2004 she had taken a step back from her role in the films and had let other actors take on the lead roles.

The site directly sold videos that featured Jameson and other females or Jameson or Grdina. The business eventually expanded to employ 18 workers who produced products, videos, and content and managed traffic on the internet for many prominent adult-oriented domains.

At its peak, the business was reported to have generated between $5 and 15 million annually in revenues. In June of 2006, ClubJenna was acquired by Playboy Enterprises for an unconfirmed $25 million. In 2005, Playboy purchased ClubJenna Inc. for an unconfirmed figure of $25-50 million.

His brother Jim Grdina would later sue Jay and Jenna, alleging that the latter was an investor in ClubJenna and didn’t receive his share of proceeds generated by the sale. He also filed a separate lawsuit regarding a loan of $250,000 made in 2003, which was intended to aid the couple’s purchase of Penthouse Magazine.

The brother claimed they had only received half of the loan when the offer was not accepted. The brother claimed to have loaned his wife and her husband $275,000 back in 2006, which was not returned. It is interesting to note that Jim Grdina is now married to an ex-adult star Bibi Jones.

Other Ventures

Jameson was a regular on ” Howard Stern Show.” She appeared in”Private Parts,” his biography “Private Parts.” She was a voice actor on “Family Guy” and was also in the role of the girlfriend of an influential politician for several seasons in the show “Mister Sterling” on NBC.

Jenna has also utilized her voice acting talents for video games. First, she voiced Candy Suxxx from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and in Daisy’s role as Daisy in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Four. She also appeared in a music video with Eminem in the video for the track “Without My Love.”

Jameson released her autobiography “How to Make Love Like a Porn Star: A Cautionary Tale” on April 28, 2004. Written in collaboration with New York Times contributor Neil Strauss the savage tell-all was a smash and was featured for six weeks at the top of the New York Times Best Seller list. Jameson also wrote a fictional erotica novel, “Sugar,” which was released in October 2013.

In 2005, she launched an interactive website named Club Thrust for gay men. It offered tips on sex and videos, as well as lots of gossip and more. Jenna also became the co-owner, together with some investors from the business of Babes Cabaret in 2005, a strip club located in Arizona. There were many oppositions regarding the launch at Babes Cabaret, but after Jenna began a petition, she gained the right to continue the operation.

In 2006, NYC founded Wicked Cow Entertainment and expanded her line of products to include handbags, barware shoes, fragrances, footwear, and lingerie. These items are offered through high-end retailers like Saks Fith Avenue.

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Jenna Personal Life

Jenna was a friend of fellow actor Nikki Tyler for many years. Jameson writes about various famous ex-boyfriends in her autobiography, including Tommy Lee and Marilyn Manson. Jameson was married for a mere ten weeks to an adult director and actor of Wicked Pictures, Rodney Hopkins (known as Brad Armstrong.) The couple divorced in March of 2001 after Brad discovered that Jenna was having an affair with Jorge Araya Montoya, whom she had met during a trip to Costa Rica.

The second man she married was Jay Grdina. Jenna, as well as Jay were married from 2003 to 2006. They were first introduced in 1998. Soon after their wedding, Jay and Jenna moved into a $4.5 million house in Paradise Valley, Arizona. Grdina was also a professional film actor, working as Justin Sterling.

From 1998 until Jenna’s retirement in 2004, they were the sole on-screen companions in their adult film. Following an announcement of skin cancer and surgery in 2004, she could not have a baby with Grdina. The couple officially announced their breakup in the Year 2006.

In the same year, before the divorce, Jameson started dating Tito Ortiz, a mixed martial artist, and UFC Champion. Their relationship developed, and, in 2009, Jenna had twins, Jesse Jameson and Journey Jette. In 2010, Ortiz was charged with being a victim of domestic abuse and subsequently arrested. Jenna was struck in the arm, and Ortiz asserts that Jenna was uncontrollable and was a slave to OxyContin. Although both sides have withdrawn their claims, the police are investigating the incident.

Jameson and Ortiz separated in March 2013, and he was granted exclusive parental rights to the twins. In an interview in 2019, Tito revealed that Jenna had spent over $8 million in three years when they were together. He also said that Jenna could no longer visit their sons; she now lives in Hawaii, completely disconnected from them.

Jameson revealed in August of 2016 that she and their boyfriend Lior Bitton had been expecting their first baby together. Batel Lu, their daughter Batel Lu was born in April 2017.

Most cherished quotes from Jenna Jameson

“It’s all about me. But, I didn’t want it to be the same as what I’ve always done, so I created a unique, delicious story.” Jenna Jameson

“Listen to what she says; I believe she was a liar. I ensured that my entire life was a breeze and made lots of money. I was very good at being monogamous during my job.” Jenna Jameson

“I decided to get my health in check when Batel was one. She began walking with me and was experiencing a hard time staying pace. This forced me to open my eyes to see my health issues.” Jenna Jameson

“I can now say I am doing the best job I could do for my child. Yes, I was a good mother when I was overweight and bloated, but I didn’t treat my body in the respect it was due,” she explained to the magazine. “Now I’m the woman I want my daughter to be.” Jenna Jameson

“My weight loss wasn’t about pleasing the public. It shouldn’t be yours, either. It’s all about health, and it’s about staying in touch with our children. It’s about living longer. Therefore, keep sexy; however, you must strive for better health!” – Jenna Jameson.

3 Excellent Lecons from Jenna Jameson

After you have learned all about Jenna Jameson net Worth and how she was able to achieve it, Let’s look at the lessons that we could take from her


The key to success is not how high you’ve been and how you can create a positive impact on the world.

People get confused

People often make their lives more complicated, as if they weren’t difficult enough.

Find Opportunities

Always look for opportunities to smile at someone and to do small acts of generosity throughout your everyday life.


Jenna Jameson is a famous American adult film actress and entrepreneur. She has been called The Princess Of Porn by the adult film industry.

Her first big break came when three of the major adult-movie companies gave her the most promising newcomer award.

In August 2022, Jenna Jameson net worth was $5 million (estimated).

FAQs Related Jenna Jameson Net Worth

What is Jenna Jameson Net Worth?

Jenna Jameson net wealth has been at $5 million (estimated).

What is the age of Jenna Jameson?

Jenna Jameson was born on April 9, 1974. She is currently 48.

How is Jenna Jameson’s height?

Jenna Jameson’s height stands at 1.70 millimeters, equivalent to 5 feet 7 inches.

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