What is Jim Bakker Net Worth?

Jim Bakker net worth: Jim Bakker is an American televangelist, minister, and legendary television personality with a net worth of $500 million. Jim Bakker grew to prominence in his career while hosting the Christian television program “The PTL Club”. He hosted this TV program with his then-wife, Tammy Faye Bakker.

 When Jim and Tammy Faye were at their peak, they brought in $1 million weekly in viewer contributions to their ministry. This revenue from visitors was to help expand the theme park and mission of PTL. Jim Bakker and Tammy Faye began a lavish life with luxury cars, jewelry, private planes, and mansions, contributing significantly to Jim Bakker’s net worth.

Jim Bakker Net Worth$500 ThousandDate of BirthJan 2, 1940 (82 years old)
NationalityUnited States of AmericaJim Bakker Net Worth Last UpdatedOctober, 2022

Between 1980 and 1983 alone, a $1.3 million ministry fund was set aside for Jim and Tammy’s personal use, according to a report released years ago. It was later proved that Jim Bakker had stolen ministry funds for his personal life in the late 1980s.

If compared to today’s dollar, it is around 4 million dollars. That’s about $4 million in today’s dollars. Jim Bakker was also later alleged to have raped a woman named Jessica Hahn and that he had paid her with ministry funds.

“American televangelist, entrepreneur, and convicted fraudster Jim Bakker has an estimated net worth of $500 thousand dollars, as of October 2022. Bakker hosted the television program The PTL Club with his then-wife, Tammy Faye, from 1974 to 1989.”

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Those who raised funds for the PTL club later came under the scanner of investigative agencies, one of whom was Jim Baker. Jim Bakker was later indicted on 15 counts of wire fraud, eight counts of mail fraud, and one count of conspiracy.

After the trial, Jin Bakker was found guilty on all counts and sent to federal prison with a $500,000 fine and 45 years in prison. You can check Dua Lipa’s Net Worth Truth.

Jim Bakker Net Worth

Jim Bakker Net Worth:- Jim Bakker net worth was around $100 million, which has now come down to about $600 thousand. But most readers are interested to know about the year-after-year growth in the net worth of their favorite celebrity. The table below can help understand the growth in Jim Bakker net worth year on year.

In general, Jim Bakker has had a stellar career except for a few incidents. Jim Bakker earned a lot of money from his career, which increased Jim Bakker’s net worth manifold, but he could not keep this tremendous amount of money for himself.

Net WorthYearIncreasing Rate
600 thousand dollars202220%
500 thousand dollars202166.67%
300 thousand dollars2020N/A

There have also been many sad incidents, like going to jail in his life, which harmed him financially and mentally. A large portion of Jim Bakker’s net worth went to his legal disputes. When Bakker was jailed for five years, Jim Bakker lost a large part of his net worth. The government confiscated a large amount of Jim Bakker net worth. 

His wife also left him when he went to jail. For your information, let us tell you that when Jim Bakker was in the boom of his career, he used to bring home earning about 1 million dollars weekly.

Source of Jim Bakker Net Worth

A major part of Jim Bakker net worth has come from television shows. He became a figurehead of Christian television when he co-hosted The PTL Club Christian TV with his wife. The show initially aired in California but was later broadcast nationwide. Gradually the show turned into a full-time satellite network.

Due to the show being religious, people openly donated to it, so Jim Bakker was soon able to lead a life of luxury and abundance. When he was at the peak of success, earning a million dollars weekly, Jin Bakker net worth increased.

Unfortunately, he had to spend five years in prison due to criminal acts. After his release from jail, he got married again and started again in the world of TV. He made his TV debut again in 2003 with ‘The Jim Bakker Show’ with his second wife, Lori. Gradually his show became popular, and he earned a hefty amount by advertising many products.

Gin Bakker net worth increased significantly by advertising and selling various products. He earned a hefty sum in 2020 by selling a dose of comedy by doing false advertisements during the COVID period, which saw Jim Bakker net worth booming. 

Jim Bakker Biography

Along with Jim Bakker net worth, people often want to know about every aspect related to his life, about which very little information is available on the website. We have done a lot of research and categorized the life story of Jim Bakker with various points given below. After reading this, you do not need to go to any other website.

Early Life  

Jim Bakker was born in the year 1940 in Muskegon, Michigan and his parents were Raleigh and Furnia. When he was young, he attended North Central University in Minneapolis, a private Christian college affiliated with the Assembly of God.

It was at this college that he befriended fellow student and future wife Tammy Faye Lavalli, who later held each other’s hand in 1961. Both later dropped out of college to become nomadic preachers.

Career Beginnings

In 1966, Bakker and his wife Tammy Faye Lavalli began working for Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network in Portsmouth, Virginia. The pair were instrumental in developing the Pat Robertson network, hosting a children’s variety program called “Come On Over”.

The result was Jim Bakker hosting a new primetime talk show, “The 700 Club”, on the Pat Robertson Network. Jim Bakker and his wife left the Pat Robertson network in 1972 and partnered with Paul and Jan Crouch to establish the Trinity Broadcasting Network of California.

After about eight months, differences arose between Bakker and Crouch, which later cut their partnership. Jim Bakker net worth and inspiration can be drawn from coping with the difficulties he faced early in life. You can read the Truth of Jerry Seinfeld’s Net Worth.

Established PTL Club

Later on, Jim Bakker and his wife left the Trinity Broadcasting Network and moved to Charlotte, North Carolina. It was here in 1976 that he started his Christian talk show, “The PTL Club”, which was broadcast nationwide, along with other religious programs, on Bakker’s PTL satellite network.

During this decade, Jim Bakker built a headquarters for his satellite network PTL, which became known as “Heritage Village”. Together, the couple continued to expand their ministry, creating the Heritage USA theme park in Fort Mill, South Carolina. The theme park was synonymous with success in the United States.

Criminal Investigations & Charges about PTL 

You must know about Jin Bakker net worth and the controversies surrounding his life. In 1979, Bakker and PTL suffered a significant setback when they came under FCC scrutiny for misappropriating funds raised on-air through the network. 

By 1982, during an FCC investigation, it was found that Bakker had raised approximately $350,000. The money was to finance foreign missions, but Bakker used the money for his theme park.

The investigation also found that Jim Bakker had used publicly swindled funds for his expenses. Refuting these allegations, Bakker said he was falsely implicated forcibly.

Major Scandal Uncovered In 1987 

Bakker and former “PTL Club” Co-host John Wesley Fletcher drugged and raped church secretary Jessica Hahn and gave her approximately $300,000 in PTL funds as payment for keeping her mouth shut. Following this accusation, Jim Bakker resigned from the ministry, and the Rev. Jerry Falwell was chosen as his successor.

A federal grand jury found Bakker guilty of all crimes after a 16-month investigation. The jury indicted Bakker on eight counts of mail fraud, one count of conspiracy, and 15 counts of wire fraud.

As a punishment, Jhuri was given a 45-year sentence with a $500,000 fine. He appealed against it in which the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit ultimately upheld the convictions and ordered a new trial in 1991, setting aside the 45-year sentence and fine. 

As a result of the new trial, Bakker’s sentence was reduced to eight years. He served only five years as he was on parole in 1994 after paying $6 million to the IRS.

Return to Televangelism

You have already learned about Jim Bakker net worth. Now you must be curious how Jim Bakker’s career was after his release from prison. After his release from prison, Jim Bakker returned to televangelism in 2003 and began airing “The Jim Bakker Show” from Branson, Missouri. In the show, he denounces the previously accepted prosperity theology and embraces the doctrine of apocalypse and existentialist ethos.

Jim Bakker later founded Morningside Church in Blue Eye, Missouri, and re-established his PTL ministry. You must check Carrot’s Top Net Worth.

Statements and Conspiracies

Along with Jim Bakker Net Worth, you must also know about the pomp and conspiracy related to his life. In his later career, Bakker continued his association with collaborations and paranoid religious beliefs. He always claimed with his absurd statements that Hurricane Harvey was God’s decision, while Barack Obama was the cause of Hurricane Matthew. 

Jim Bakker personally predicted the 9/11 attacks. Later, during the COVID pandemic, Bakker sold colloidal silver supplements with false advertising as a cure-all to avoid the pandemic. Jim Bakker net worth increased through this dosage.

Career as Author 

Along with Jim Baker’s net worth, you must also know about his writing works. Bakker has also done a commendable job in the form of writing. He has been the author of many books. In 1976 his first book “Move That Mountain” was published. This was followed by the publication “Eight Keys to Success” in 1980. 

After serving a five-year sentence, Bakker wrote the books “I Was Wrong” and “Prosperity and the Coming Apocalypse”. In addition, he published several books with the titles “The Refuge: The Joy of Christian Community in a Torn-Apart World” and “Time Has Come: How to Prepare Now for Epic Events Ahead”. Jim Bakker’s net worth grew exponentially with the income from publishing all the above books.

Personal Life

After knowing Jim Bakker’s net worth, one must want to know about his personal life. Jim Bakker has two children with Tammy Faye, Tammy Sue, and Jamie Charles, but they divorced in 1992 after Jim Bakker’s conviction. In 1998, Bakker met former television celebrity, Lori Beth Graham. After 50 days after their first meeting, they married and, in 2002, adopted five children. Jim Bakker has spent much of his net worth on his personal life and fulfilling his hobbies.

Summary of Jim Bakker Net Worth

Jim Bakker has been a controversial public figure in the television world. His TV career started after 1960. He has also been the author of many popular books. According to an estimate, Jim Bakker’s net worth is $400 thousand in October 2022. 

This post contains information about Jim Bakker’s Net Worth and aspects of his life from various websites, magazines, social platforms, and media reports. What do you think of Jim Bakker Net Worth? 

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Jim Bakker Net Worth’s FAQs

People have often asked the following questions on Google about Jim Bakker Net Worth and aspects of his career & life:-

How much was Jim Bakker worth at his peak?

According to newspaper and media reports, Jim Bakker’s Net Worth And Salary are estimated at $500 thousand in October 2022.

Where is Jim Bakker today?

After going to jail, his first wife left him. After spending five years in prison, he got on parole and married again. With his wife, he again started his career in TV and achieved success.
Jim Bakker started the Morningside Church in Blue Eye and reestablished the PTL ministry. He is currently hosting The Jim Bakker Show. The show focuses on the end times and the second coming of Christ while promoting emergency survival products.

What did Jim Bakker do with the money?

With all the money Jim Laker has earned from his TV industry, he has created a 2,200-acre site at Heritage USA where he has set up a large studio that can seat eighteen hundred people.

What did Jim Bakker pay Jessica Hahn?

Jin Bakker was accused of drugging and raping a 21-year-old woman named Jessica Hahn, a church secretary, for which he had to pay approximately $279,000.

Who is Jim Bakker’s wife?

Jim Bakker’s first wife’s name was Tammy Faye Messner. The two were married in 1961, which lasted until Jimbe went to jail, and they divorced in 1992. After leaving prison, Jin Bakker married Laurie Bakker in 1998 and is now living with her.

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